MABRC Bigfoot Sighting Report Form


Dear Witness, thank you for submitting your sighting report.  A MABRC Researcher will contact you if you so desire to inquire more about your sighting report.  Due to the high volume of sighting reports we receive, sometimes it takes a day or two to respond.

If you have an immediate need to talk to a researcher now, please respond to this email address and the Executive Director will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you,

D.W. Lee

Executive Director

Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center


Please put down the preferred number you wish to be contacted at.
Please try to be as specific as possible.
This information is for researchers to know what specific area of the country this sighting occurred in.
Please try to be as specific as possible on directions to the location of the sighting.
This will aid researchers in knowing this information.
Was it near a pond, a lake, a river, a creek, etc.
Please use as much detail as possible.
Were you camping, hiking, driving, etc. before the encounter took place.
Were there other witnesses to this sighting? Please give their names and contact information if they wish to be contacted about this sighting.
Please include as many details as you can remember, this is important for researchers to create a profile of the creature.
Did you find footprints, take photos, record sound or any other evidence that you have from the sighting?
All evidence you submit to the MABRC from your sighting is kept confidential and is your property. MABRC may make copies for research purposes, but the originals will be returned to you.
Is there any additional information that you feel that you need to share in this report?